Information Technology

Cloud Services

MAMS provides a flexible, cost-effective cloud computing solution that lets you instantly provision virtual machine servers, storage and network infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is like paying for computing resources the way you pay for electricity by the amount of time you use the service. With flexible payment options, security, guaranteed service levels and free 24/7 technical support, MAMS is your ideal cloud computing solution

MAMS uniquely offers administrator governance with tight accountability and cost management. Your administrator can manage finances through spending limits and alerts, manage security through user access control, and manage collaborative projects with user-level budget controls and usage monitoring.

MAMS offers pay-per-use pricing with no minimum value contracts and multiple payment options including credit card and corporate purchase orders. You pay by the hour only for the capacity you use – invoices are generated monthly. And, because we operate in a global economy, pricing is offered in Indian Rupees, Euro, US Dollars and Singapore Dollars, depending on country selected during sign up.

We know that every minute your business loses to downtime is a minute you can never get back. That’s why our industry-leading SLA guarantees 99.95% MONTHLY uptime – that’s less than 22 minutes per month of allowable service interruption.