The healthcare industry across the world has witnessed a massive increase in investment, as is particularly evident by the rising number of public and private hospitals, clinics and specialty centers that have been constructed and developed across the country over the last few years.

MAMS has played a key role in the Health Care division in building hospitals, health care services and works very closely with government organizations on BOT model to deliver the same. We believe in providing end to end services with latest and greatest technology available at the tip of the finger. We have significant experience in building hospitals and one such feather on our cap is the Dubai American Hospital.


In the view of Globalization and living standards, Housing ranks next only to food and clothing as basic need of the people, a certain minimum standard of housing is essential for healthy and civilized existence. MAMS focus has always been toward the development of housing, therefore, enjoys high priority in a society like ours where such amenities are far below the minimum standards/norms internationally accepted. Housing activity, among other things, aims at providing shelter, raising quality of life particularly of poorer sections and creating conditions conducive to the achievement of crucial objectives in terms of health, sanitation and education for human resource development. It also provides substantial additional employment and dispersed economic activity resulting in improved quality of life and reduction in gap between rich and poor.

Some of MAMS core work has been Best Homes for Dubai Government, Signature Housing, Ajman Community Houses and Townships in Malaysia.

MAMS current focus is to be a part of the growth in India where there is a huge shortage of Accommodation for the population in India. Hence Central government of India has come up with various schemes to meet these requirements and has a budget of USD 120 Billion budget and started by allocating USD 7.2 Billion in the first phase