Palm Oil

MAMS trading is one of the large operating divisions operated from Malaysia. We are one of the largest Palm Oil procurement from the Ministry of Malaysia. We procure the oil from Felda group and supply over different areas of the globe. Our largest consumers being are from India and we have scaled up significantly over the past years in delivering in delivering large quantum of palm oil across India. The average supply is approximately 1.5 Million Metric Tons only to India.

With trading playing a key role in fluctuations of prices, maintaining price stability is very critical for our loyal customers and hence we try to balance it by combining the supply and demand and controlling the movement of the palm oil.

Electronic Peripherals

MAMS is a well known name in the distribution of consumer electronics and computer peripherals, offering to our partners both unbeatable price and consistent supply in the Middle East. We maintain a powerful presence in the electronics and computer business market place. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to provide excellent customer services and devote their extensive knowledge, energy and most importantly their passion into every aspect of the management of your needs.

We wholesale branded electronic goods and computer peripherals, striving to be open, fair and ethical in all our company activities. Thereby receiving the widespread support and continued business from its trading partners, our company ethic is based around the single fundamental principle: "Solutions Delivered" on the best possible price with product delivery as fast as possible to all of our partners.